Kailath Lecture and Colloquium 2015

More than 30 speakers to Celebrate Prof. Kailath's 80th Birthday
Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 8:00am to Friday, September 18, 2015 - 5:30pm
Clark Center Auditorium
Abstract / Description: 

This year's event is a celebration of Professor Kailath's 80th birthday! We welcome more than 30 speakers – many are his former students.

The keynote speaker is:

  • Professor Stanley Osher, Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UCLA, Director of Special Projects, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Title: What Mathematical Algorithms Can Do for the Real (and Even Fake) World
  • Abstract: When I entered the Courant Institute at NYU in 1962, applied mathematics used techniques such as asymptotic analysis, special functions, and separation of variables. The language was partial differential equations, functional analysis and perhaps complex analysis. Numerical analysis was just emerging from the shadows and many regarded it as the last refuge of scoundrels. The notion that I could have a research career based on devising algorithms that would be widely used in computer programs with applications ranging from supersonic flow to image processing to computer graphics to sparse recovery to chip design would have been as suprising to me as hearing that people using my algorithms would win academy awards.

    In this talk I will try to give a personal overview of the role of mathematics in designing algorithms that domain scientists find useful, and how new applications emerge serendipitously.

Please join us Thursday and Friday! 


Professor Osher's biography can be viewed here.