Hyperspectral Imaging Using Polarization Interferometry [SCIEN]

Hyperspectral Imaging Using Polarization Interferometry
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 4:30pm
Packard 101
Alex Hegyi (PARC)
Abstract / Description: 

Polarization interferometers are interferometers that utilize birefringent crystals in order to generate an optical path delay between two polarizations of light. In this talk I will describe how I have employed polarization interferometry to make two kinds of Fourier imaging spectrometers; in one case, by temporally scanning the optical path delay with a liquid crystal cell, and in the other, utilizing relative motion between scene and detector to spatially scan the optical path delay through a position-dependent wave plate.


Alex Hegyi is a Member of Research Staff at PARC, a Xerox company, where he works on novel concepts for optical sensing. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley and a BS with Honors and Distinction in Physics from Stanford. He is a former Hertz Foundation Fellow, is a winner of the Hertz Foundation Thesis Prize, and is one of the 2016 Technology Review "35 Innovators Under 35".