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Heterogeneous Computational Imaging [SCIEN Talk]

Heterogeneous Computational Imaging
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 4:30pm
Packard 101
Dr. Kari Pulli (Meta)
Abstract / Description: 

Modern systems-on-a-chip (SoC) have many different types of processors that could be used in computational imaging. Unfortunately, they all have different programming models, and are thus difficult to optimize as a system. In this talk we discuss various standards (OpenCL, OpenVX) and domain-specific programming languages (Halide, Proximal) that make it easier to accelerate processing for computational imaging.


Kari Pulli is CTO at Meta. Before joining Meta, Kari worked as CTO of the Imaging and Camera Technologies Group at Intel influencing the architecture of future IPUs. He was VP of Computational Imaging at Light and before that he led research teams at NVIDIA Research (Senior Director) and at Nokia Research (Nokia Fellow) on Computational Photography, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality. He headed Nokia's graphics technology, and contributed to many Khronos and JCP mobile graphics and media standards, and wrote a book on mobile 3D graphics. Kari holds CS degrees from Univ. Minnesota (BSc), Univ. Oulu (MSc, Lic. Tech.), Univ. Washington (PhD); and an MBA from Univ. Oulu. He has taught and worked as a researcher at Stanford, Univ. Oulu, and MIT.