EE/CEE 292X presents "Battery modeling and design"

Battery modeling and design
Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 3:00pm
Skilling Auditorium
Robert Spotnitz (Battery Design)
Abstract / Description: 

TOPIC: Battery Modeling and Design
This lecture provides an overview of lithium-ion technology with a focus on modeling for design and simulation. Lithium-ion is dominant battery technology mainly because of high energy and power density, outstanding cycle and calendar life, and acceptable cost. The design of practical cells is a trade-off among competing requirements. The design options are determined by the components (active materials, separators, electrolytes, collectors, packages). The electrical and thermal behavior of lithium-ion cells depends on the rates of solid and liquid phase mass transfer in the cell. The electrothermal performance can be estimated by modeling and numerous commercial software programs are available. Simple circuit models have proven especially useful for simulation of automotive cells.


Dr. Spotnitz leads Battery Design LLC, a company that provides consulting and software for battery developers and users.
He is a well-known speaker on various aspects of battery engineering.

Professional Experience:

  • President, Battery Design LLC, Consultant/software provider for battery developers and users.
  • Developed Battery Design Studio, a virtual environment for battery design and simulation (see
  • In 2010 formed a partnership with CD-adapco, which is now a part of Siemens.

Also serves as an advisor for these companies.
• Co-Founder of American Lithium Energy Corp.
• Co-Founder of Enovix Corp.
• Technical Advisor for Coreshell Technologies.