EE402A Colloquium

Samsung and UniKey: Smart Locks to Unlock the World
Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 4:30pm to 5:50pm
Skilling Auditorium
Amit Garg (Samsung Global Innovation Center) and Seth Page (UniKey Technologies)
Abstract / Description: 

This week Seth Page, COO of UniKey, and Amit Garg, a Principal in Samsung's Global Innovation Center, will talk more about creating a smart home. The talk will touch upon UniKey's "touch-to-open" technology, which allows you to open / close your door without having to take your smartphone our of a pocket or purse. Both speakers will also share more on trends in Internet of Things and how partnerships between the US and Asia are driving this movement forward.


The Autumn 2015 series explores the role of international partnerships of various types (joint development projects, M&A, corporate VC, etc.) in developing advanced intelligent systems. An intelligent system can be defined as a complex technology combination that integrates relatively sophisticated data analysis with some learning function or real-time environmental adaptability. Distinguished speakers from industry and government will showcase examples with at least one Asia partner in domains such as IoT (Internet of Things), autonomous vehicles and other robotics, smart wearable devices, and next generation energy and transportation systems.


Amit Garg is currently a Principal at Samsung Global Innovation Center, which houses their early-stage investing arm, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley. His focus is on software especially Internet / consumer technologies, investing $250K to $3M in seed, series A or B, and helping them partner with Samsung to grow and make a meaningful difference in people's lives. UniKey is one of Garg's investments and he has helped them integrate deeper with Samsung's IoT platform called SmartThings, a Samsung security platform called Knox, its wearables and B2B sales.

Garg previously spent 10 years in Silicon Valley running his own digital health startup, as a VC at Norwest Ventures ($1.2B fund) investing in consumer, and doing product and analytics at Google. At Google some of core work included launching the largest image repository at the time through Google Images, launching Picasa in 139 countries, being a core member of the team that acquired a startup in Brazil and made it the company's Latin American engineering headquarters, and guiding AdWords and AdSensse managers on their strategy. Garg received his BS in computer science and MS in biomedical informatics from Stanford and MBA from Harvard, holds 3 citizenships, and has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro.

Seth Page is an experienced tech executive, operator, entrepreneur, deal maker and financier in the IoT, mobile, video, ad-tech and telco sectors with a strong focus on corporate development, business development, strategic partnering and operations. He is the COO and Head of Corporate Development at UniKey Technologies, the leading smart lock & cloud access platform in the IoT space actively used in over 65 countries with eKey and mobile usage in over 166 countries. Previously, he was with RayV (acquired by Yahoo) as EVP focused on their US market penetration strategy. Before that, as COO and Head of Corporate Development, he co-founded, funded, ran and led the acquisitions that formed PV Media Group, which was acquired by Blinkx. Mr. Page was also CEO and co-founder of Oyster Optics in the 40-100G telecommunications & security space, which was acquired by private equity fund, TechQuity. Thereafter he led the Samsung Electronics acquisition of mSpot in the mobile video space on behalf Corporate Finance Partners, where he was a Managing Partner. Previously, he raised capital and was VP of Operations & Product Development for myGeek, which was acquired in 2007. Mr. Page was also CSO and co-founder of Global Markets, which raised over $100M before being acquired, and prior to that, ran the technology practice of BlueStone Capital Partners, where he was VP of Corporate Finance. Mr. Page began his career at the State of California's European Offices of Trade & Investment, where he was Director of Investment & Business Development.

Mr. Page has an Executive MBA in Global Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, as well as a BA in Economics and a BA in German Linguistics & Literature, both from UC Irvine. He has completed over 50 M&A, Financings and IPO transactions, hundreds of business development and partnership agreements, as well as invested in, advised or served on the Board of companies including LendingTree (acquired IAC), (acquired NBC), FetchBack (acquired GSI / eBay), zanox (acquired Axel Springer / PubliGroupe), nGage Labs, DataRPM,, (acquired LinkedIn), QuoteShip (acquired, LeadFilter (acquired RootMarkets), InterShop (acquired Deutsche Teleko), Cal-IT, CalFund, Metamorphic Ventures, Melbourne Ventures, Sandbox (acquired NBC), Viva La Mobile, Litronic (IPO), Precision Prospects (acquired BrightGeist), and many others. He lives in Palo Alto and hikes the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains, where he grew up, with his wife, two sons, and two dogs.