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EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium presents "Coming Attractions: Death or Utopia in the Next Three Decades"

Coming Attractions: Death or Utopia in the Next Three Decades
Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 11:00am
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Expert Panel, moderated by John Markoff
Abstract / Description: 

Today the data suggests that we are near the beginning of a chaotic mess of global proportions. Things are fairly simple: a global pandemic with no tools to fight the virus. a global economy in disarray, climate change and other existential risks beginning to intrude into our daily lives, and a total lack of a plan as to what to do. On the other hand, we are at the pinnacle of human capabilities and have, if we choose to do so, the capability create a Utopian egalitarian world without conflict or want.

In this two hour program a group of experts will explore the future, focusing on 2030 and 2050. Where are we now? What is trending? What if anything can be done about it?

Sponsors: The invitational Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop is one of the iconic gatherings which supported the growth of computing. This is the first mini-conference which replaces the 46th Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Panel:

  • John Markoff Stanford Institute for Human Centered AI, ex-NY Times (Moderator)
  • Garrett Banning Washington-based strategic thinker and analysti
  • Joy Buolamwini Algorithmic Justice League | Poet of Code ; Harvard
  • Carole Dumaine Consultant, NIC, CIA; Co-founder of Futures.orgs
  • John Hennessy Stanford University professor, past President; Chair BoD Alphabet
  • Michael Mann Earth System Science Center and Professor, Penn State
  • Carmine Medina Former CIA Deputy Director, Author of Rebels At Work
  • Paul Saffo Forecaster of technology change, Stanford Engineerings Adjunct
  • Megan Smith CEO shift7, MIT Board, ex-CIO of the US under Obama