EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium

Solid State LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles, Security, Industrial Automation, and 3D Mapping
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Gates B03
Louay A. Eldada, Ph.D. (Quanenrgy Systems)
Abstract / Description: 

We describe the technology, operation principle and application of Quanergy's solid state LiDAR that is making 3D sensing ubiquitous, with its low price point, no moving parts, small form factor, light weight, low power consumption, long range, high resolution, high accuracy, long lifetime, and ability to operate in various environmental conditions. Advanced processors are used for performing in real time (1) LiDAR/Video data fusion for modeling and recognizing the environment around a vehicle, (2) object detection, classification, identification, and tracking, (3) scenario analysis and path planning based on deep learning, and (4) actuation of vehicle controls. Application areas are represented by 4 pillars: transportation (driver assistance, autonomous/self-driving vehicles, truck fleets, aerospace, railways, transportation infrastructure), security (smart homes, smart buildings, smart spaces, smart sites, smart cities, smart nations, border protection), industrial automation (factory/warehouse automation, mining, agriculture, robotics, drones), and mapping (terrestrial and aerial).


Louay Eldada is CEO and co-founder of Quanergy Systems. Prior to founding Quanergy, he founded and sold three businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Quanergy develops and manufactures innovative laser-based 3D sensing solutions for real-time capture and processing of 3D mapping data, and object detection, tracking and classification. Its solutions enable smart automation in numerous industries (transportation, security, mining, oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure) where they improve safety, efficiency and performance while reducing cost. Dr. Eldada chaired 160 conferences, delivered 200 keynotes, published 270 papers and books, received 50 awards, and holds 65 patents. He studied business administration at Harvard, MIT and Stanford, and holds a Ph.D. in optical engineering from Columbia University.