EE 292X (CEE 292X) Battery Systems for Transportation and Grid Services - Panel Session, Future of battery systems and their applications

Future of battery systems and their applications
Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 3:00pm
Skilling Auditorium
Abstract / Description: 

The panel will discuss future market and technology trends of battery systems and their applications in transportation and the grid. It will feature short presentations by the panelists followed by a Q&A period moderated by Abbas and Ram. The panelists will address future trends in battery technologies at the cell and pack levels and projections of key battery performance metrics, including energy density
power density, cost, degradation, and safety. They will also address questions such as: What are the projected requirements for grid and transportation applications? What technologies will dominate transportation applications? What technologies will dominate grid applications? Will secondary life become real? Will EV to grid become real? What are the challenges to be addressed? What should academia be working on?


Yi Cui
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Stanford University

Robert Tietje
VP for E-Mobility
Volkswagen Group of America

Blake Richetta
Chairman and CEO


Yi Cui is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. His current research is on nanomaterials for energy storage, photovotalics, topological insulators, biology and environment. He has founded three companies to commercialize technologies from his group: Amprius Inc., 4C Air Inc. and EEnovate Technology Inc. He is a Fellow of Materials Research Society, a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and a Fellow of Electrochemical Society.He is a Co-Director of the Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium and a Co-Director of Battery 500 Consortium. He has published more than 430 research papers. In 2014, he was ranked NO.1 in Materials Science by Thomson Reuters as "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds." His awards include: Blavatnik National Laureate (2017), MRS Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Nanoscience (2015), the Sloan Research Fellowship (2010), KAUST Investigator Award (2008), ONR Young Investigator Award (2008), Technology Review World Top Young Innovator Award (2004).

Robert Tietje is the VP for E-Mobility, Volkswagen Group of America. He has thirteen years of experience with electric vehicles, digital services, product
development, energy management systems, high voltage batteries and EV-nexus. His expertise is in training for technician, sales & service staff, battery design and repair, BEV, PHEV, charging, billing system, DC- and AC~ station, aging of batteries, USER stories, online connection, driver assistance systems & autonomous driving. His projects areas have included green energy supply, contracts and lean user scenario for authentication at public charger.

Blake Richetta is the Chairman and CEO of Sonnen. Prior to Sonnen, Blake served as North American Powerwall Sales Manager at Tesla and spent 15 years at Lutron building the smart home lighting and shading business in the home automation and home building industries. His innovative and highly unique business models have dramatically expanded the company's energy storage business to include home automation and the home builder channels, recently announcing the Soleil Lofts community first of a kind all-electric apartment community, including battery storage for utility grid management by Rocky Mountain Power.