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E 311A: Women's Perspectives in Engineering presents Maryam Eskandari

Reading Between the Lines - (Real) Roles, Responsibilities, & Stories
Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 4:30pm
Bldg 200-034
Maryam Eskandari (MIIM Designs​)
Abstract / Description: 


The ME Graduate Women's Group has offered ME/ENGR 311A: Women's Perspectives, a 1-unit credit seminar, every year since the group's inception in 1998. For credit or not, everyone is welcome to come! Speakers are asked to address the factors, experiences, and lessons that have been particularly important to their success in industry, academia, and... life.


Maryam Eskandari is the Principal at MIIM Designs, an architectural design practice dedicated to the advancement of design, dialogue with history, theory, and context, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Eskandari received her Bachelors of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona where she won the J. Douglas Mac Neil Architecture Fellowship in design. She received her Masters of Science in Architecture in history and theory, (SMArchS HTC) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's prestigious Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture where she was the Aga Khan Fellow for two years. Currently, she is the founding principal of MIIM Designs and teaches architecture and design at Harvard University and Boston Architectural College. Prior to establishing MIIM Designs, Eskandari was Project Designer at DLR Group, where she led several award-winning projects. MIIM Designs has been recognized with numerous awards, publications, and exhibitions. In 2012, MIIM Designs was awarded the "Faith and Form Award" from the American Institute of Architects. Recently, MIIM Designs was the architect for the new Children's Museum of Manhattan's America to Zanzibar exhibit in New York. Eskandari serves on the Board of Open Architecture Collaborative, Harvard's FDR Foundation, and the 1947 Partition Archives.