E 311A: Women's Perspectives in Engineering presents Eugénie Rives

Reading Between the Lines - (Real) Roles, Responsibilities, & Stories
Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 4:30pm
Bldg 200-034
Eugénie Rives, Operations Manager, X
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The ME Graduate Women's Group has offered ME/ENGR 311A: Women's Perspectives, a 1-unit credit seminar, every year since the group's inception in 1998. For credit or not, everyone is welcome to come! Speakers are asked to address the factors, experiences, and lessons that have been particularly important to their success in industry, academia, and... life.


Eugenie is the General Manager of a stealth-mode Robotics project at X, the Alphabet company pioneering work on moonshot projects like self-driving cars, energy kites, smart contact lenses and Internet from balloons. Eugenie is also passionate about bringing more diversity to the tech industry; she co-leads the Women@X group.

Prior to her role at X, Eugenie led Operations for Google in France and Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Francophone Africa). Before Google, Eugenie worked for Alcatel in Mexico city, managing projects to connect cities and public infrastructure online.

Eugenie grew up in Paris, and has a degree in applied mathematics, a Master in Business and Management, and graduated from Singularity University in 2010.