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Bits and Watts presents "Towards Transactive Energy: A Common Experimentation with EDF, SMUD, OMEGA Grid and ENEDIS"

Towards Transactive Energy: A Common Experimentation with EDF, SMUD, OMEGA Grid and ENEDIS
Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 1:30pm
Shriram 104
Paul Breslow, Arnaud Souille, and Thomas Bladier (EDF Innovation Lab)
Abstract / Description: 

EDF (Électricité de France), Sacramento Municipal Utility district (SMUD) and Omega Grid are partnering to test Transactive Energy. We are creating a blockchain-based local electricity market, based on OG's software, to coordinate electric vehicle (EV) charging with solar generation. This local energy market project will demonstrate the use of blockchain technology to coordinate EV charging with local solar generation and wholesale prices in a blockchain-based incentive program. The program will show how distribution utilities can use a blockchain-based local energy market to add millions of new solar panels, EVs, and batteries to their grids without expensive infrastructure upgrades. The local energy market demonstration will take place near Sacramento, California, and receive support from the EDF Innovation Laboratory team based in Silicon Valley. The project is backed in part by an APPA grant.


Paul Breslow joined the EDF Innovation Lab in 2015 as an Innovation Director to support technology scouting for EDF business units, manage relationships with start-ups in North America, and to assist business units in accelerating new business development. Paul graduated from Tulane University with a BSE, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering focused on clean energy technologies, AI, entrepreneurship, and electricity demand forecasting.

Arnaud Souille joined EDF Innovation Lab in 2016 as Smart Grid Program Manager, and he leads R&D projects and partnerships focused on Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), microgrids, storage and Smart Grid. Arnaud also leads the efforts to develop synergies between EDF Group and US-based utilities, technology vendors, universities and research organizations. Arnaud started at EDF R&D with a focus on AMI and smart home applications.

Thomas Bladier is EDF Inc. Vice President R&D, and leads EDF Innovation Lab, in Los Altos, California. Thomas joined EDF Group in 2013, as Smart Customer R&D Program Manager. He led a portfolio of innovation projects for EDF Commercial branch, in the BtoC market and in digital activities. Thomas was Director with Cap Gemini Consulting Energy Team where he led transformation and strategy projects. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in France, in 1994.