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Behind the Integration of DER: Policy, Analytics, and Market Design [SmartGrid]

Behind the Integration of DER: Policy, Analytics, and Market Design
Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 1:30pm
Y2E2 300
Matthew Tisdale (More Than Smart)
Abstract / Description: 

California utilities are integrating distributed energy resources (DER) into their system planning and operations in new and progressive ways. If successful, they will rely on DER (e.g., solar paired with batteries) when they plan and operate their systems, displacing the need for traditional distribution infrastructure (e.g. conductors, capacitors). If they are unsuccessful, they will likely build redundant systems to serve power if/when DER are not available. The difference between success and failure amounts to a substantial impact on the value of DER and efficiency of investment in the grid. This seminar will introduce the policy, analytics, and market design behind the integration of DER, as well as a discussion of the critical role of technology.


Since 2008 Matthew Tisdale has worked to advance clean energy policy in California. He served as advisor and analyst to the California Public Utilities Commission for eight years where he supported the Commission's leadership to decarbonize the state's power supply through renewable energy, integrated resource planning, grid planning, and distributed energy resources. Matthew has published work on renewable energy project finance as a German Chancellor Fellow. As Executive Director of More Than Smart, Matthew currently provides executive and policy leadership, advancing the organization's mission, to proactively support cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable power service by integrating distributed energy resources into electricity grids. Matthew lives and works on the San Francisco Bay. Learn more by following Matthew on Linkedin, Twitter (@mwtisdale), and