BA-SID October Seminar: Two Technical Talks

Two Technical Talks
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 6:00pm
David Wyatt (Founder, PixelDisplays, Inc.) and Chris Lenart (Founder, lenartstudios llc)
Abstract / Description: 

First Talk, "Visualizing Reality in Next Generation Display Systems" - David will be providing a quick update on portable and IOT displays discussing the market dynamics, opportunities and progress towards solving current issues. Then David will provide a recap on PixelDisplay's presentation at DisplayWeek 2017, and the launch of Vivid Color in the SID I-Zone. He will give updates on some interesting developments in LED, MicroLED, QD, LCD and OLED technologies.

Second Talk, "Designing a Display Centric Product" - You have designed and built a display, now what? The speaker will narrate the story of a display centric product design and explain the constraints that drove many human centered decisions. He will also go through case studies from lenartstudios, cite examples of concept designs, and explain how a design studio takes a display technology and makes it human centered.

The Bay Area Chapter SID is committed to fostering display education and discourse. Our active chapter organizes monthly technical talks with our popular Technical Seminar Series. They also host free networking events after each series, which offers a wonderful opportunity to mingle with experts in the field. Most of the talks are archived and available to members on the Bay Area Chapter SID website ( where you can find slides and links to webcasts.

David Wyatt, Founder, PixelDisplays, Inc. David Wyatt, grew up in small town rural Australia, studying semiconductor data books from giants like Nat Semi, TI, and Intel, both designing circuits and writing software as a teenager. Years later, after studying both Software and Hardware engineering, David combined his passions with an entrepreneurial adventure to Taiwan, learning mandarin on the fly, and setting up his first company, before finally coming to the Bay Area through an acquisition. David has worked for pioneering Graphics companies including Weitek, Chips & Technologies, Intel for 8yrs on Chipsets and CPU's, and Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA for more than 9yrs - before co-founding PixelDisplay Inc.

David's pioneering innovations in displays cover a wide range of disruptive technologies including variable refresh, content adaptive backlight control, intelligent displays controllers and touch integration, high-speed wired/wireless links, VR, AR and Vivid Color™ the world's first single-chip tunable color-gamut HDR LED. David has around 200 patents filed across a wide variety of sectors, and these innovations have becoming an integral part of industry standards, and shipping products including those from Apple, AuO, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Lenovo, Sharp, Sony and many more.


Chris Lenart, Founder, lenartstudios llc Chris Lenart is the founder of lenartstudios, a San Francisco-based consultancy focused on brand-building product design. lenartstudios unique philosophy balances strategic product development with a real-world approach to user and client needs. The firm's award-winning team creates products that are not only highly acclaimed within the design community, but also achieve market success for clients including Dell, Microsoft, E ink, Knowles, Kyocera, Nike, Palm, Fujitsu and Memorex.

Prior to founding lenartstudios, Chris was the founder of newdealdesign, and an Associate Partner at Pentagram. He has extensive experience designing consumer electronics, mobile and personal computing products, household goods, sports equipment and medical technology products.

Chris Lenart's work has received numerous awards - most recently, 2016 IDSA, ID Magazine 2009 Annual Design Review, IF Award, the Chicago Athenaeum GOOD Design and Japanese G-Mark, Gold and Silver awards from Business Week/IDSA, Business Week 'Product of the Year', and ID Magazine, -His work has been featured in many design publications and has been exhibited at the Chicago Athenaeum, Henry Ford museum and San Francisco MOMA