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Are we seeing Hawking Points in the CMB Sky?

Are we seeing Hawking Points in the CMB Sky?
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 11:00am
Alway Bldg, Room M114, School of Medicine
Sir Roger Penrose (The Penrose Institute)
Abstract / Description: 

A novel analysis of the CMB data from the Planck satellite appears to reveal 20 anomalous pointlike primordial energy sources in the very early universe. Though hard to accommodate within standard inflationary cosmology, such anomalous points are a prediction of conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC), as the conformally compressed Hawking radiation, whereby supermassive black holes in an aeon prior to ours finally disgorge all their mass-energy. The basic features of the CCC model will be described in the lecture, as will a remarkable connection with the 2014 BICEP2 observations.


Sponsored by Bioengineering; of interest to the Physics community.