Special ISL-SystemX Seminar: Architecting Tb/s Wireless

Architecting Tb/s Wireless
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
AllenX Auditorium
Farooq Khan (President, Samsung Research America - Dallas)
Abstract / Description: 

Wireless communications along with the Internet has been the most transformative technology in the past 50 years. We expect that wireless growth driven by the need to connect all humankind (not just 1/3) as well as Billions of things to the Internet will require Terabit/s shared links for ground based local area and wide area wireless access, for wireless backhaul as well as access via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellites. We present a new scalable radio architecture that we refer to multi-comm-core (MCC) to enable low-cost Terabit/s wireless using both traditional and millimeter wave spectrum.

Intrigued by early cell phones in the 1980s, Farooq decided to turn his curiosity for "what makes them tick" into his career. And ever since, he has never doubted he made the right choice. Now after three decades, Farooq is World's leading authority on mobile technology and sees a World where Internet of connected people and things will make us more aware of humanity as a whole and help create a shared wisdom to solve Humanity's greatest challenges. Farooq is currently President of Samsung Research America in Dallas, Texas, where he leads high impact collaborative research programs in Internet of Things and mobile communications. Farooq is also a distinguished inventor, author and speaker. He holds over 200 U.S. patents, has written 50 research articles, a best-selling book and presented over 100 speeches at professional forums Worldwide.