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Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium and Optics & Electronics Seminar: Coherent Feedback and Quantum Engineering

Coherent Feedback and Quantum Engineering
Monday, January 5, 2015 - 4:15pm to 5:15pm
Spilker 232
Hideo Mabuchi (Stanford)
Abstract / Description: 

Modern developments in photonics, quantum electronics, and related aspects of nanoscale science are creating widespread anticipation and excitement for a new field of quantum engineering. However, an impactful engineering discipline needs more than just device physics and fabrication tools. In order to harness quantum phenomena to build robust high-performance technology we will need new methods for designing circuit and network architectures that incorporate coherence, quantum noise and entanglement. This methodology will need to connect high-level algorithmic concepts with low-level physical modeling, and introduce new design abstractions to replace inapplicable classical ones such as the ideal amplifier/buffer. In this talk I will provide a high-level overview of our group's approach to this type of research, highlighting both case studies in quantum circuit design and the development of a broadly useful software package called QHDL.