Applications of Mixed Reality in Medical Education and Beyond

Applications of Mixed Reality in Medical Education and Beyond
Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 12:15pm
Clark S360
Dr. Mark Griswold (Case Western Reserve University)
Abstract / Description: 

For centuries, humans have been seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the body and to study its structures and organs using everything from wax and plastic models, to animal models and human cadavers. As modern technology provides advances in virtual and augmented reality, we see new opportunities to teach and learn by applying our expertise in medical imaging and computation. In this talk, we will cover our work over the last two and a half years using the mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens device as a platform for teaching anatomy and related topics. A special focus will be on the social nature of this technology, which allows for "shared" or multiuser experiences that provide an enhanced level of engagement with students. We see this kind of technology as transforming education across our campus, in addition to other direct scientific and research applications in medicine, engineering, art and beyond.