AP 483 Seminar presents "Spin-photon interfaces for quantum networks"

Spin-photon interfaces for quantum networks
Monday, October 12, 2020 - 4:15pm
Prof. Sophia Economou (Virginia Tech)
Abstract / Description: 

Spin-photon interfaces augmented with auxiliary qubits are prime candidates for quantum repeater nodes. I will present our theoretical work toward the realization of practical quantum repeaters, focusing on the triggered generation of highly entangled photonic (graph) states from a spin-photon interface and their performance-resource tradeoff in a network. I will also discuss our quantum control work on the selective high-fidelity control of a nuclear spin register coupled to an NV center spin in diamond.

This seminar is sponsored by the department of Applied Physics and the Ginzton Laboratory.


Sophia Economou is a Professor of Physics and the Hassinger Senior Fellow of Physics at Virginia Tech. She focuses on theoretical research in quantum information science, including quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum simulation algorithms.