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SPRC Workshop, "Sensors for Mobility"

Future of Mobility
Friday, May 31, 2019 (All day)
Huang Building, Mackenzie Room
Abstract / Description: 

The "Future of Mobility" is revolutionizing the way we live and conduct our business, both in mobile communicators (cell phones, tablets, etc.) and automotive (autonomous and connected driving).

Key to the mobile revolution is the use of sophisticated sensors of all kinds (physical parameters, chemical medical, imaging, etc.). We envision mobile phones with enough chemical and medical sensors to help people avoid going to the doctor for routine checks and to help them check food quality, air quality and health indicators. We envision autonomous cars with advanced "eyes" to recognize neighboring cars, pedestrians, traffic lights, weather conditions and to allow for much safer driving environment.

The area of advanced sensors for mobile phones and automotive is still at its infancy, an opportunity for innovation for industry and academia.

The "Sensors for Mobility" Workshop is a forum for people from academia and industry to exchange ideas for embedded sensors in phones, advanced cameras and LiDARs in automobiles and other sensors for the "Mobile Age."

We will have contributed papers and poster papers from experts in the field.

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Dr. Waguih Ishak, Dr. Tom Baer
Professors: Olav Solgaart, Gordon Wetzstein, Jelena Vuckovic