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Living in Information Everywhere [EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium]

Living in Information Everywhere
Monday, April 10, 2017 - 3:10pm to 4:10pm
Gates B03
Quentin Hardy (Google Cloud)
Abstract / Description: 

The term cloud computing increasingly describes not just the technology of large networked data centers, but is a proxy term for the unification of smartphones, apps, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence -- in effect, the deployment of computational intelligence to virtually every point on the planet. One may view this as a fulfillment of Moore's Law, or the start of decades-long project that is likely to reshape civilization. As someone who both covers this topic and has been profoundly affected by it, I will speak about the technology, and what historical parallels tell us about the likely impact.


Quentin Hardy is Head of Editorial at Google Cloud. 

As the head of editorial at Google Cloud, Quentin Hardy writes about the technology and impact of cloud computing, both inside Google and for other publications. He was previously Deputy Technology Editor at The New York Times, National Editor at Forbes, and a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. He frequently appears on television and moderates panels at The Computer History Museum and The World Affairs Council. His article, "Hope and Profit in Africa" received an Overseas Press Club Citation. He has degrees from Kenyon College, The School of Oriental and African Studies, and Columbia University.