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Emerging Memory and Artificial Intelligence (EMAI) 2019 Workshop

EMAI '19 Workshop
Thursday, August 29, 2019 (All day)
Bechtel Conference Center, Encina Hall
Abstract / Description: 

A one-day workshop at Stanford University on August 29, 2019, put on by the Stanford Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology and Coughlin Associates, features invited expert speakers to talk about various emerging non-volatile memories and how they will enable the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) devices in the home, in the factory and in industry. The conference URL is:

Memories that will be discussed include Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM), Resistive RAM (RRAM), Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) and Phase Change Memory (PCM). These memories are now available as discrete as well as embedded non-volatile memories and will be the basis of a new generation of devices, working in devices and on the network edge, as well as in data centers. These memories will enable AI inference engines that enable voice recognition, image recognition and system level optimization, all with minimal power utilization compared to conventional volatile memories.

Space is limited for this workshop so register early to ensure that you can come.