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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

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EE 185: Interactive Light Sculpture Project workshop

Weekly Workshop
Monday, January 13, 2020 - 1:00pm
Packard 001
Abstract / Description: 

Workshops for the EE125 art project are Mondays 1-4PM in Packard 001 (Wednesday if Monday is a holiday).

Students, Staff, Faculty, and Friends of the EE department are encouraged to participate.

The art project to celebrate the 125 anniversary of the EE department is coming along nicely. The piece will consist of 50-100 shapes hanging in the stairwell along the white interior wall and exterior glass in a stroke that starts in a point, broadens in the center, then comes to a point again. The individual shapes are inspired by the profile of the stairwell itself as seen from the sky above, and involve dichroic moving elements around a vacuum-formed body. The motion and illumination of each shape is individually programmable.

This quarter, the project is finalizing all of the engineering decisions of an individual shape and building them. The weekly workshops will focus on hands-on building activities to help with this. The current schedule of workshop projects is:

1/6 Strategic planning
1/13 Program wing animations
1/22 Make vacuum-formed bodies
1/27 Install body LEDs
2/3 Build wing mechanisms
2/10 Build communication circuit boards
2/19 Build wings
2/24 Install wings
3/2 Full assembly

Workshops meet 1-4PM in Packard 001.

This timeline may likely change a little as we encounter unforeseen problems. But generally speaking, you can show up to a workshop and expect to be able to take part in building the piece. For the latest schedule, please refer to the link below.