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Brown Institute Magic Grant Info Session

Brown Institute Magic Grant Info Session
Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 4:00pm
Gates 174
Abstract / Description: 

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation seeks innovative ideas that lay at the intersection of media and technology. Founded in 2012, our joint program between the Stanford School of Engineering and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism provides "Magic Grants" for up to $300,000 per team per academic year to help bak an innovative idea, story, or product from conception to iteration.

Are you passionate about the role that emerging technologies can play in the future of media? Do you have a story that can only be told using technology outside the scope of traditional media? A Brown Institute Magic Grant might be for you.

We are looking for hardware, software, story proposals We are interested in projects that advance storytelling, media information systems, and journalism through new applications of technology. We also are interested in new tools and technologies that can be applied to the media space write large. We welcome interest from all areas of research and in all disciplines!

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