Biosensor Workshop

Biosensor Workshop
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 1:00pm
Clark Center Auditorium
Abstract / Description: 

Research on innovative biosensing devices has potential to improve the health of individuals and populations. Stanford University professors investigate novel approaches to detect biomarkers of illnesses such as sepsis, cancers, influenza, depression and more. Wearable and point-of-care diagnostics could allow testing that is faster, less invasive, more frequent and/or remote from the clinic. Illness may be detected earlier and treated more effectively using data from future biosensors.

Topic of wearable electrochemical devices for noninvasive biosensing
Alberto Salleo, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

"Real-time biomolecular sensors"
Tom Soh, Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Radiology

Topic of magnetoresistive biosensors
Shan Wang, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and of Electrical Engineering