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2018 Japan - US Innovation Awards: Outstanding Innovation – Japan

2018 Japan - US Innovation Awards: Outstanding Innovation – Japan
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 4:30pm
AllenX Auditorium
Abstract / Description: 

The Japan - U.S. Innovation Awards Program is excited to announce the Japan winners of the 2018 Outstanding Innovation Awards: Soracom, Mujin & Cloudian

Prof. Richard Dasher, Chair of the Steering Committee of the Awards Program, observed "The 2018 winners, Cloudian, Mujin and Soracom, all represent exciting new Japanese companies that combine highly distinctive innovations with a global business model."

  • Cloudian, Inc. is revolutionizing data storage by bringing its limitlessly scalable object storage solutions to serve global enterprises.
  • Mujin Inc.'s mission is to automate robots with software systems to increase worldwide manufacturing productivity. Mujin has created a proprietary platform with a wide range of product applications.
  • Soracom, Inc. develops a secure, scalable, and cloud-native connectivity platform for the Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine to Machine (M2) worldwide. Its platform supports rapid prototyping and large-scale deployment.

The Awards will be presented during a Public Videoconference at Stanford University with a real-time two-way link to an audience in Tokyo. From Tokyo, Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian, Ken Tamagawa, Soracom Co-Founder and CEO and Issei Takino, CEO of Mujin will describe their companies' innovations and discuss challenges and best practices for achieving success with disruptive innovations having U.S. – Japan links. Mr. Ken Yasunaga, Managing Director of the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), will serve as host and moderator at the Tokyo hub, in cooperation with Prof. Dasher at Stanford.


Please pre-register by Wednesday, April 4.