EE Department COVID-19 Course Changes


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EE 065: Modern Physics for Engineers. Miller, MWF 10:30a-11:20a
EE 101B: Circuits II. Murmann & Wong, S. MWF 11:30a-12:20p
EE 102B: Signal Processing and Linear Systems II. Goldsmith MWF 1:30p-2:50p
EE 104: Introduction to Machine Learning (CME 107). Lall TTh 9:00a-10:20a 
EE 109: Digital Systems Design Lab. Olukotun MWF 9:30a-10:20a
EE 142: Engineering Electromagnetics. Yuen, Max MW 1:30p-2:50p 
EE 178: Probabilistic Systems Analysis. El Gamal TTh 1:30p-2:50p
EE 180: Digital Systems Architecture. Kozyrakis MW 3:00p-4:20p
EE 185: Interactive Light Sculpture Project (285). Levis, Philip; Horowitz, M. MW 9:30a-11:20a
EE 207: Neuromorphics: Brains in Silicon (BioE313). Boahen TTh 12:00p-1:20p
EE 236C: Lasers. Heinz (App Phys) TTh 10:30a-11:50a
EE 237: Solar Energy Conversion. Islam and Nazif (GI) TTh 1:30p-2:50p 
EE 238: Introduction to Fourier Optics. Dubra (GI) MW 9:30a-11:20a
EE 254: Advanced Topics in Power Electronics. Rivas TTh 10:30a-11:50a 
EE 267: Virtual Reality. Wetzstein MW 3:00p-4:20p
EE 267W: Virtual Reality (WIM). Wetzstein
EE 284A: Introduction to Internet of Things. Tobagi TTh 10:30a-11:50a 
EE 285: Embedded Systems Workshop (CS 241). Levis, Philip; Horowitz, M. MW 9:30a-11:20a
EE 292A: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Machine Learning Hardware. Camposano (GI); Domic (GI); Groeneveld (GI) MW 9:30a-11:20a
EE 292C: Chemical Vapor Deposition and Epitaxy for Integrated Circuits and Nanostructures. Kamins (GI) T 3:00p-4:20p 
EE 292D: Machine Learning on Embedded Systems. Asgar, Z. (GI) M 6:00p-8:50p
EE 292E: Seminar Series for Image Systems Engineering. Wetzstein; Farrell, J. (GI); Wandell, B., Girod, B. W 4:30p-5:50p
EE 292I: Insanely Great Products: How do they get built? Obershaw (GI) M 4:30p-5:50p
EE 303: Autonomous Implantable Systems. Poon MW 1:30p-2:50p
EE 310: SystemX: Ubiquitous Sensing, Computing and Communication Seminar. Candelaria, Jonathan (GI) Th 4:30p-5:50p
EE 311: Advanced Integrated Circuits Technology. Saraswat TTh 10:30a-11:50a
EE 317: Special Topics on Wide Bandgap Materials and Devices. Chowdhury TTh 1:30p-2:50p
EE 323: Energy in Electronics. Pop MW 10:30-12:20a
EE 340: Optical Micro- and Nano-Cavities. Vuckovic TTh 1:30p-2:50p 
EE 348: Advanced Optical Fiber Communications. Kahn TTh 10:30a-11:50a
EE 364B: Convex Optimization II (CME 364B). Pilanci MW 3:00p-4:20p
EE 374: Scaling Blockchain. Tse TTh 10:30a-11:50a 
EE 380: Colloquium on Computer Systems. Allison (GI) & Freeman (GI) W 4:30p-5:50p
EE 382A: Parallel Processors Beyond Multicore Processing. DiBlas (GI) TTh 4:30p-5:50p
EE 382C: Interconnection Networks. Michelogiannakis (GI) MW 3:00p-4:20p
EE 384S: Performance Engineering of Computer Systems & Networks. Bambos TTh 4:30p-5:50p
ENGR 040M: An Intro to Making: What is EE? Howe & Plummer MWF 3:00p-4:20p
ENGR 105: Feedback Control Design. Emami-Naeini (GI) TTh 9:00a-10:20a 


EE 017N Engineering the Micro and Nano Worlds: From Chips to Genes, Provine (GI) & Howe T 3:00p-5:50p
EE 021N What is Nanotechnology?, Wong, H.S.P. WF 11:30a-1:20p 
EE 64SI Mechanical Prototyping for Electrical Engineers, Adamkiewicz, Michal TTh 12:00p-1:20p
EE 076 Information Science and Engineering, Weissman, T.; Ozgur, A.
EE 292N Seminars in Wireless Frontiers, Poon F 3:00p-4:20p
EE 373A Adaptive Signal Processing, Widrow TTh 3:00p-4:20p
EE 392B Industrial Internet of Things, O'Neill (GI) & Gorinevsky (GI) M 4:30p-5:20p

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