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EE Winter ChEEr Photo Contest

EE Presents - "EE Winter ChEEr Photo Contest"

Thank you to all of those who participating in the contest. They were judged based on one of the seven following categories: most creative, most original, most technical, most funny, most heartwarming, most grumpy, and most festive.

The judges were Professor Juan Rivas-Davila, Professor Dan Congreve, Professor Srabanti Chowdhury, and EE Staff Meo Kittiwanich.

Most Creative:

 "sEEsons grEEtings" by Hayley So, EE student

Description: Just some first year EE phds having some fun :)


Most Original:

"Zoom Pets" - William Linghan Meng

Description: In a manner fitting for this year, we decided to showcase our virtual pets rather than our real pets.


Most Technical

"Antlers" - Joseph Kahn

Description: This is one of four arches made of elk and moose antlers in the town square in Jackson, WY, which I visit each December.


Most Funny

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" - Kaila Jimenez

Description: Here's a pic of myself with my chameleon Dax aka my Daxie girl...winter season for us is being home relaxing in front of the fireplace feeling cozy.


Most Heartwarming

"Holiday Hounds" by Elizabeth Wig, EE student

Description: My dogs Belle and Brig were bribed into the holiday spirit for this photo with copious treats. I managed to snap a quick chEErful photo before they shook the Santa hats off!

Most Grumpy

"I don't like Christmas" - Rachel Pham 

Description: Photo taken at a friend's house


 Most Festive

"No WeddingVenue? No Problem!" - Anjali Datta

Description: With the pandemic preventing family and friends from being here in person and just a week to plan, we improvised! I used the contents of a small box we received in the mail, dollar store finds, and several of my crocheted and knit projects-half-done (PhDs!) to turn our living room into an impromptu wedding venue. A stuffed Android and snowman, both dressed warmly for the winter, bore witness ;)


Honorable Mentions

 "Baking Toffee" - Mary K. McMahon

Description: I enjoy baking over cooking as I like the end product much more. Making treats for holiday presents is my kick-off for the season.



"EE winter" - Berivan Isik


 "Cat on my laptop" - Jim Harris



Other Submissions: 


"Red n Orange" - Thomas Carlson




"Last Christmas" - Ruoning Mi


"All the Reds" - Rachelle Mozeleski

"Winter Wonderland" - Maliha Noshin


"80 degree winter" - Pin Pin


"The most exciting night for a 6-year-old" - Eiko Rutherford


"Warm Up Winter with Hotpot!" - Yifan He