Publication # 409

409. Donguk Nam, Devanand Sukhdeo, Arunanshu Roy, Krishna Balram, Szu-Lin Cheng, Kevin Chih-Yao Huang, Ze Yuan, Mark Brongersma, Yoshio Nishi, David Miller, and Krishna Saraswat, "Strained germanium thin film membrane on silicon substrate for optoelectronics," Opt. Express 19, 25866-25872 (2011)

This work presents a novel method to introduce a sustainable biaxial tensile strain larger than 1% in a thin Ge membrane using a stressor layer integrated on a Si substrate. Raman spectroscopy confirms 1.13% strain and photoluminescence shows a direct band gap reduction of 100meV with enhanced light emission efficiency. Simulation results predict that a combination of 1.1% strain and heavy n+ doping reduces the required injected carrier density for population inversion by over a factor of 60. We also present the first highly strained Ge photodetector, showing an excellent responsivity well beyond 1.6um.

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