Publication # 408

408. J. Raja Jain, Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, Krishna C. Balram, Justin S. White, Mark L. Brongersma, David A. B. Miller, and Roger T. Howe, "Tensile-strained germanium-on-insulator substrate fabrication for silicon-compatible optoelectronics," Opt. Mater. Express 1, 1121-1126 (2011)

We present a method to fabricate tensile-strained germanium-on-insulator (GOI) substrates using heteroepitaxy and layer transfer techniques. The motivation is to obtain a high-quality wafer-scale GOI platform suitable for silicon-compatible optoelectronic device fabrication. Crystal quality is assessed using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Transmission Electron Microscopy. A biaxial tensile film strain of 0.16% is verified by XRD. Suitability for device manufacturing is demonstrated through fabrication and characterization of metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors that exhibit photoresponse beyond 1.55 μm. The substrate fabrication process is compatible with complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor manufacturing and represents a potential route to wafer-scale integration of silicon-compatible optoelectronics.

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