Publication # 350

350. J. E. Roth, S. Palermo, N. C. Helman, D. P. Bour, D. A. B. Miller, M. A. Horowitz, “1550 nm Optical Interconnect Transceiver with Low Voltage Electroabsorption Modulators Flip-Chip Bonded to 90 nm CMOS,” in Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and The National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference on CD-ROM (Optical Society of America, Washington, DC, 2007), Paper JThA38

A low-voltage 90nm CMOS optical interconnect transceiver operating at 1550nm is presented. This is the first system demonstrated using the recent Quasi-Waveguide Angled Facet Electroabsorption Modulator (QWAFEM), featuring simple electronic and optical packaging.

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