Publication # 301

R. Chen, H. Chin, D. A. B. Miller, K. Ma, and J. S. Harris, "MSM-based integrated CMOS wavelength-tunable optical receiver," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 17, no.6, p.1271-3 (2005)

We demonstrate a novel GaAs-metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM)-based wavelength-selective photodetector integrated with its complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) driver and receiver. This receiver has similar to 1-ns wavelength switching access time and has been shown to detect 4 bits of 460-Mb/s (2.17-ns bit period) emulated data in nonreturn-to-zero format during the enabled 8.68-ns windows. The demonstrated channel spacing is similar to 70.8 GHz. To our knowledge, this is the fastest reported wavelength switching time for a tunable optical receiver.

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