Publication # 297

Dietmar Knipp, Helmut Stiebig, Sameer R. Bhalotra, Eerke Bunte, Helen L. Kung, and David A. B. Miller, "Silicon-Based Micro-Fourier Spectrometer," IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices 52 (3), pgs. 419‑426 (March 2005).

A novel Fourier spectrometer based on a partly transparent thin-film detector in combination with a tunable silicon micromachined mirror was developed. The operation principle based on the detection of an intensity profile of a standing-wave by introducing a partly transparent detector in the standing-wave. Varying the position of the mirror results in a phase shift of the standing-wave and thus in a change of the optical intensity profile within the detector. The photoelectric active region of the sensor is thinner than the wavelength of the incoming light, so that the modulation of the intensity leads to the modulation of the photocurrent. The spectral information of the incoming light can be determined by the Fourier transform of the sensor signal. Based on the linear arrangement of the sensor and the mirror, the spectrometer facilitates the realization of one- and two-dimensional arrays of spectrometers combining spectral and spatial resolution. The operation principle of the spectrometer will be described and the influence of the detector design on the spectrometer performance will be discussed. A spectral resolution of down to 6 nm was achieved under real-time imaging conditions.

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