Publication # 293

L. Y. Nathawad, R. Urata, B. A. Wooley, and D. A. B. Miller, "A 20 GHz bandwidth, 4 b photoconductive-sampling time-interleaved CMOS ADC," Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2003. Digest of Technical Papers. ISSCC. 2003 IEEE International , 2003 Pages 320 - 496 vol.1

GaAs photoconductive switches are integrated with two parallel 4 b CMOS ADC channels for time-interleaved sampling of wideband signals. Peak SNDR exceeding 23 dB has been measured for inputs up to 20 GHz. Each channel dissipates 70 mW and occupies an area of 150 Ám x 450 Ám in a 0.25 Ám CMOS technology.


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