Publication # 289

R. Chen, D. A. B. Miller, K. Ma, and J. S. Harris, Jr., "Novel Electrically Controlled Rapidly Wavelength Selective Photodetection Using MSMs," IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 11, no.1, p.184-9 (Jan.-Feb. 2005)

A novel electrically controlled tunable metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodetector is introduced and experimentally demonstrated with 2.5ns wavelength-switching access time on a GaAs chip for switching between two wavelengths. This detector has a demonstrated 20.1dB ON/OFF contrast ratio between the selected and the rejected wavelength and can resolve 179GHz spaced WDM channels. In addition, device wavelength switching is achieved with a differential input voltage swing of 1.65 volt. This low bias voltage makes it compatible with CMOS control electronics for rapid switching.


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