Publication # 240

Martina Gerken and David A. B. Miller "Multilayer Thin-Film Structures with High Spatial Dispersion," Applied Optics 42, 1330 1345 (2003)

We demonstrate how to design thin-film multilayer structures that separate multiple wavelength channels with a single stack by spatial dispersion, thus allowing compact manufacturable wavelength multiplexers and demultiplexers and possibly beam-steering or dispersion-control devices. We discuss four types of structure -periodic one-dimensional photonic crystal superprism structures, double-chirped structures exploiting wavelength-dependent penetration depth, coupled-cavity structures with dispersion that is due to stored energy, and numerically optimized nonperiodic structures utilizing a mixture of the other dispersion effects. We experimentally test the spatial dispersion of a 200-layer periodic structure and a 66-layer nonperiodic structure. Probably because of its greater design freedom, the nonperiodic structure can give both a linear shift with wavelength and a larger usable shift than the thicker periodic structure gives.

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