Publication # 238

Zheng Wang, David A. B. Miller, and Shanhui Fan, "Wide bandwidth, large, and tunable polarization mode dispersion in multilayered omnidirectional reflectors," Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 187-189 (2002)

We numerically demonstrate the generation of large, boradband, and tunable polarization mode disperions (PMD) with omnidirectionally reflecting dielectric stacks with embedded cavities. Both first-order and second-order polarization mode dispesion can be generated by similar configurations. Our examples show that the first-order PMD can be tuned from 0 to 30 ps over an 80 GHz bandwidth and second-order PMD from 0 to 50 ps/nm can be generated over a 100 GHz bandwidth. We also shoe that in our configuration there is no significant modal distortion of the light beam when the beam diameters exceed 3.5 mm.

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