Publication # 187

Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy and David A. B. Miller, "Firehose Architectures for Free-Space Optically Interconnected VLSI Circuits," J. Parallel and Distributed Computing 41, 109-114 (1997).

Free-space optical interconnects will soon be able to provide input/output bandwidths to a VLSI chip in excess of a terabit per second. The successful application of this technology to parallel distributed processing systems depends on the development of high-bandwidth interconnects and the ability of the architecture to sustain a stream of data at these bandwidths to the processing elements. We review examples of computational tasks that require scalable input/output, that is, computations where the I/O bandwidth of a processing element must grow in proportion to its computational bandwidth. We present several classes of optoelectronic architectures that can support a high-bandwidth data firehose and mention applications in switching, FFT, sorting, matrix-vector processing, database search, and processor-to-memory interconnect


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