Publication # 167

K. W. Goossen, J. E. Cunningham, W. Y. Jan, D. A. B. Miller "Interleaved-contact electroabsorption modulator using doping-selective electrodes with 25 C to 95 C operating range" IEEE Photo. Tech. Lett. 5, 181-183 (1993).

A multiple-quantum-well (MQW) modulator with multiple stacked p-i(MQW)-n-i(MQW)-p-regions is demonstrated. Electrodes are deposited such that all the n-layers are connected to one contact and all the p-layers to the other. This allows high fields to be produced in the i-regions with relatively low voltages, since the i-regions may be made thin while retaining large optical interaction because they are stacked. A large usable wavelength range which translates into a large operating temperature range is obtained because of large Stark shifts in the MQWs at high fields. For a 0 to 6 V swing >22% reflectivity change from 25 degrees C to 95 degrees C, or alternatively over a wavelength range of 15 nm at 25 degrees C, is achieved

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