Publication # 151a

K. W. Goossen, J. E. Cunningham, D. A. B. Miller, W. Y. Jan, A. L. Lentine, A. M. Fox, and N. K. Ailawadi, “Low Field Electroabsorption and Self-Biased Self-Electrooptics Effect Device Using Slightly Asymmetric Coupled Quantum Wells,” Paper MB3, Topical Meeting on Quantum Optoelectronics, Salt Lake City, March 1991 (Optical Society of America, 1991)

Quantum wells and related layered semiconductor structures show strong electroabsorption that can be applied to make optical switches and modulators. Many different structures are possible, each with different electroabsorption characteristics.Here we describe a novel, slightly asymmetric coupled well structure designed to operate at very low fields. The resulting operating fields are so low that we can make a self-biased symmetric self-electrooptic effect device(S-SEED); this is an opto-electronic switching device without a power supply, and this is the first demonstration of such a device suitable for use in two-dimensional arrays.

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