Publication # 139

A. M. Fox, D. A. B. Miller, G. Livescu, J. E. Cunningham, J. E. Henry, and W. Y. Jan "Excitons in Resonantly Coupled Quantum Wells" SPIE 1283 Quantum-Well and Superlattice Physics III, 164-174, (1990).

The authors have studied excitonic effects in resonantly coupled GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum wells. They use photocurrent spectroscopy to deduce the resonant field from the field-dependent exciton energies, and find an unexpected variation of approximately 10% in the resonant field between different excitonic transitions involving the same coupled electron levels. They construct a variational model of the coupled excitons which explains the results in terms of Coulomb mixing of the delocalised electron states

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