Publication # 128

G. Livescu, A. M. Fox, T. Sizer, W. H. Knox, J. E. Cunningham, A. C. Gossard, J. H. English, "Optical detection of resonant tunneling of electrons in quantum wells" Semiconductor Sci. Technology, 5, 549-556, (1989).

Clear evidence for resonant tunnelling of electrons in a p-i-n quantum well modulator is provided by picosecond pump-and-probe electro-absorption measurements. The temperature-independent escape times show a drastic reduction when an electrical field is applied perpendicular to the wells, with a pronounced minimum at the field corresponding to the resonance between the n=1 electron level in one quantum well, and the n=2 electron level in the adjacent one. The authors' calculated field dependence of the electron tunnelling times proves that this behaviour is the signature of resonant tunnelling

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