Publication # 105

D. A. B. Miller, M. D. Feuer, T. Y. Chang, S. C. Shunk, J. E. Henry, D. J. Burrows, D. S. Chemla, "Field-effect transistor self-electrooptic effect device: integrated photodiode, quantum well modulator and transistor," IEEE Photonics Tech. Lett., 1, 61-64, (1989).

The authors propose and demonstrate the integration of a photodiode, a quantum-confined Stark-effect quantum-well optical modulator, and a metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MESFET) to make a field-effect transistor self-electrooptic effect device. This integration allows optical inputs and outputs on the surface of a GaAs-integrated circuit chip, compatible with standard MESFET processing. To provide an illustration of feasibility, the authors demonstrate signal amplification with a single MESFET

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