Publication # 027

D. A. B. Miller, "Dynamic Nonlinear Optics in Semiconductors: Physics and Applications," Laser Focus 19 No. 7, 61-68 (1983).

The changes observed in optical properties of semiconductors caused by absorption of laser light (i.e. 'dynamic' nonlinear optics) have become increasingly intriguing in recent years. The physics of these nonlinear effects is briefly summarized and illustrative examples of practical applications discussed. Basic material considerations, dynamics of free carriers, free carrier nonlinearities and excitonic nonlinearities are considered. The very large nonlinear optical effects recently shown in semiconductors combined with the convenience and sophistication of modern semiconductor fabrication, have made semi-conductors increasingly attractive for practical applications in all-optical switching and signal processing. Currently they are arguably the most promising candidates for medium-speed (nanosecond regime), lower power (milliwatts) applications, and recent observations utilizing CW diode lasers are very encouraging

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