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What are TA Workshops?

Each quarter the Department of Electrical Engineering Student Services hosts a lunch workshop series for all current EE Teaching Assistants. The workshop series provides an opportunity for EE Teaching Assistants to come together and discuss their experiences and concerns as TAs, while additionally exploring topics that are central to their development and training as student teaching assistants.

Lunch is provides at each workshop. If you believe you may need accommodations during the workshop series, please contact us at mailto: so that we may plan a way to meet your needs.

Training & Development Workshop Schedule (Spring Quarter 2009-2010)

TA Roundtable

Open discussion about topics of your interest. Bring your questions for discuss and be prepared to share with and learn from you TA peers.

Wednesday, April 7

Packard 204

Learning Syles: An Interactive Discussion

People learn in different ways. How can you adjust your teaching style to better reach all learning styles in your review and lab session and during office hours? Come find out more.

Thursday, April 22

Packard 277

Discussion with Brad Osgood

Professor Brad Osgood will join us to discuss his own teaching experiences and answer your questions about teaching.

Tuesday, May 4

Packard 277

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Find out more information on how to initiate a conversation that may encompass a difficult topic and conflict management skills.

Wednesday, May 19

Packard 204

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