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[[Announcements]] <br> [[TA Contact List]] <br> [[Evaluation Form]]
[[Announcements]] <br> [[TA Contact List]] <br> [[Evaluation Form]]
[[2008-2009 TA information and Application Form|2009-2010 TA information and Application Form]]
[[2008-2009 TA information and Application Form|2010-2011 TA information and Application Form]]
[[Grader Information and Application Files]]
[[Grader Information and Application Files]]

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The TA web pages are currently being revised.

TA Contact List
Evaluation Form

2010-2011 TA information and Application Form

Grader Information and Application Files

Other relevant websites...

Center for Teaching and Learning

Undergraduate Advising Center

Stanford Honor Code

Disability Resource Center

Counseling and Psychological Services

Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD)[1]

Email List management Sexual Harassment Information

For any questions, suggestions or comments about the EE TA web page please contact the EE Vice Chair

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