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Department of Electrical Engineering

David Packard Electrical Engineering

350 Serra Mall

Stanford, CA 94305-9505

General Email: ta@ee.stanford.edu


EE Department Contacts

Need to schedule a room for Office Hours?
Contact Keith Gaul (gaul@stanford.edu), Packard 112, Telephone: 3-1660, eeta.stanford.edu

Do you have questions about financial or payment information?
Contact Mimi Qian (mqian@stanford.edu), Packard 164, Telephone: 6-8171

For questions, concerns, or issues related to your TA appointment

Contact Caitlin Azhderian, Packard 172, Telephone: 4-0531, (caitlina@stanford.edu)

Who can I contact with SCPD Issues?
Contact Michelle Lucas, 3rd Floor of Durand, malucas@stanford.edu

Undergraduate Advisor

Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:15P.M. to 6:15P.M. AND Thursdays 1P.M. to 3P.M.

Contact Alex Omid-Zohoor, Packard 110, Telephone: 5-1736,(undergradta@ee.stanford.edu)

Graduate Advisor

Contact Raj Bhatnagar, Packard 110, Telephone: 5-3799, gradta@ee.stanford.edu

Stanford Student Services Contacts

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) vaden.stanford.edu/caps

Located on the 2nd floor of Vaden Health Center at 866 Campus Drive, 498-2336, extension 2

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) ctl.stanford.edu

Located on the 4th floor of Sweet Hall, 590 Escondido Mall, 723-1326, (TeachingCenter@stanford.edu)

Judicial Affairs Office (academic dilemmas, honor code questions)stanford.edu/dept/vpsa/judicialaffairs

Located in the Office of the Dean of Students on the 2nd floor of Stanford's Tresidder Memorial Union (above the Jamba Juice store), 725-2485, (judicial.affairs@stanford.edu)

Bechtel International Center (resources for International students) icenter.stanford.edu

Located at 584 Capistrano Way, 723-1831

Office of Accessible Education (OAE) (Information on classroom accessability and special services) stanford.edu/group/OAE/

Located at 563 Salvatierra Walk, 723-1066 (voice), 723-1067 (TTY)

Graduate Life Office glo.stanford.edu

Contact 736-7078 for more information and services

Packard Facilities Manager Kenny Green Packard 115 4-3310 [1]
Director of Student and Academic Programs Debby Bryan Packard 170 5-9327 dcbryan@stanford.edu
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