Physical Technology & Science

Arbabian, Bent, Boahen, Bowden, Dally, de la Zerda, Dutton, Fan, Fan, Fraser-Smith, Ganguli, Gibbons, Goldsmith, Goodman, Harris, Harris, Hesselink, Horowitz, Howe, Inan, Kahn, Kazovsky, Khuri-Yakub, Kovacs, Lee, Liang, McConnell, Miller, Mitra, Murmann, Nishi, Pease, Pianetta, Plummer, Poon, Pop, Rivas Davila, Saraswat, Senesky, Shenoy, Soh, Solgaard, Vuckovic, Wang, Wong, Wong, Wooley, Yamamoto, Zebker

Physical Technology & Science

Complex systems are everywhere, and there will be a continuing need to design and build such systems in an energy-efficient way that can be scaled up in application space and scaled down in device size. Research in this area does both. We look to define the device technology and circuit framework of future electronic and photonic systems, which integrate the abstraction levels of materials, nanostructures, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, power electronics and electronic system engineering. We also investigate physics, materials, devices, and systems using light and electromagnetism, for applications including sensing, imaging, communications, energy, biology, medicine, security, and information processing.


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Simon S. Wong

Simon S. Wong Professor

Allen 203 (4070)

Wang, June Administrator

Allen 203 (4070)

Howard Zebker

Howard Zebker Professor

Pkd 334 (9515)

Niu, Helen Administrator

Packard 310 (9515)