Integrated Circuits & Power Electronics

Arbabian, Boahen, Dally, Dutton, Horowitz, Kovacs, Lee, Mitra, Murmann, Poon, Rivas Davila, Wong

This area is concerned with the application-driven design of electronic circuits and systems, spanning a wide spectrum from low frequencies to mm-wave and THz. The research incorporates a variety of technologies, ranging from emerging nano and MEMS devices, nano-CMOS and BiCMOS processes, as well as discrete electronics for power conversion. The specific research thrusts include:

  • Mixed-signal integrated circuit design (data converters, sensor interfaces, imaging and selected areas of bio-instrumentation);
  • RF and mm-wave integrated circuit design (wideband communication systems, microwave and millimeter-wave imaging, phased arrays, integrated antennas);
  • Power electronics (switch-mode power converters, resonant converters, switched mode rf power amplifiers passive component design, converters using SiC and GaN at 10s of MHz);
  • Nanosystems (digital and analog circuits and systems) enabled by emerging nanotechnologies, including aspects of design methodology, validation and test, approximate computing, and robust circuits and systems;
  • Silicon technology modeling both for digital and analog circuits, including optoelectronic/RF applications, bio-sensors and computer-aided bio-sensor design, wireless implantable sensors.

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