image of Professors Mitchell (left) and Boneh
Launched today, the Stanford Cyber Initiative will address, through an interdisciplinary focus, the crucial and complex opportunities and challenges raised by cyber technologies.
image of genome compression team
A team led by Stanford electrical engineers has compressed a completely sequenced human genome to just 2.5 megabytes – small enough to attach to an email.
image of Professor Shan Wang, Joohong Choi and Adi Gani
EE graduate students and Professor Wang collaborate with researchers and MEs to create portable device that can detect hepatitis B infections.


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Jaun Rivas

Electrical engineers make the technologies and systems that communicate, store and process information. They harness the fundamental forces of nature to serve everyday needs, whether this involves creating a computer based on carbon nanotubes, implanting sensors deep inside the human body or inventing next generation memory chips. Electrical engineers change the world. Our new curriculum gives Stanford students a strong foundation in mathematics and physics while quickly immersing them in the exciting applications made possible by EE.  

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